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MailPlus is a user-friendly tool that enables companies to send out newsletters. Used by over 2.500 companies, including leading retailers, banks, insurance companies, goverments and police departments, it’s the number one ESP (Email Service Provider) in the Netherlands.


Database hosted in two data centers in Europe

User friendly

Simple, user-friendly to use with responsive design


Sends up to 1 million emails per hour; good sender reputation

A/B split testing

Options to optimize the parameters of the campaign

MailPlus enables companies to send out amazing looking newsletters, fast and easy.

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Your core-business is to provide digital marketing services & solutions to clients? Get started right away and offer a leading and award winning email marketing solution, without having to invest in software – or product development!

What do we offer?

Email marketing is suitable for each company. But not all companies are equal. We provide 2 type of solutions: for marketers and for web shops.

Marcom Mailer

More than a newsletter tool. Apply email marketing. Includes list management, reports, web forms, automated A/B split testing and more.

Marcom Campaigns

Offers the best solution to get a maximum impact with email marketing automation campaigns.

eCom Business

Get more revenue with ready-made automated campaigns. Includes ready-made automated email campaigns, custom-made newsletters etc.

eCom Enterprise

Advanced email marketing. Email editor with product catalogue, connector online store, target group selections based on order history, SMS and much more.
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MailPlus best newsletter software

What Our Clients Say About Us?

Primjer testimoniala #1

  • MailPlus Adria’s biggest benefit is their professional and extremely motivated local support, which is always at your disposal and provides you with practical advice. Aside from its very high deliverability performance and newsletter sending speed, we like MailPlus' webshop functionality because it enables us to create newsletters more faster and efficient compared to the previous software we used.

    Zorana Milidrag
    Zorana Milidrag Regional Head of E-Commerce
  • MailPlus Adria has exceeded my expectations in terms of service and the employees that provide the service. Having 24-7 support is their biggest advantage and that not just makes the client happy, but also improves business conditions even for the most demanding professionals.

    Petra Turec
    Petra Turec Head of Sales, Marketing and External Sales Network
  • The MailPlus team is characterized by expertise, speed, and professional wisdom. It is always looking forward and is focused on the client, which makes them an excellent email marketing partner.

    Matija Mandić
    Matija Mandić Head of Sales and Marketing
  • It is our pleasure to work with a partner who proactively gives advice and encourages us to improve our email marketing activities and results. Thank you dear MailPlusees! 

    Martina Dragojević Trcol
    Martina Dragojević Trcol Internet Marketing Specialist
  • MailPlus Adria has an extremely professional, kind, locally-present and inspiring team, which gives you unconditional support at every step of the way. The MailPlus software is easy-to-use and intuitive. I don’t know which other software platform I would recommend besides MailPlus.

    Irfana Bašić
    Irfana Bašić Head of Communications Department
  • We started using MailPlus because we needed a professional email marketing partner to whom we would be able to outsource our entire email marketing communication; namely, strategy, design, content marketing, translations, segmentation, testing, newsletter preparation and sending, and results' analysis. We can say MailPlus is an extended arm of our marketing department.

    Marta Kuliš
    Marta Kuliš Marketing & PR Manager
  • We chose MailPlus Adria because its team provides training and local support to our campaign team, fast implementation of email marketing solutions, and quick and efficient cooperation in creating a personalized newsletter template. In addition, the high newsletter sending speed and the care for email deliverability are the technical requirements successfully met by the MailPlus software.

    Ivan Vučković
    Ivan Vučković Head of Digital Business
  • With the MailPlus software, our newsletters always get delivered to our employees. At every moment, we can see who opened and read the newsletter, which is extremely important for our internal communications. Also, MailPlus Adria provides instant local support when it comes to resolving our inquiries and demands in regards to email marketing campaigns. 

    Sanja Gržetić
    Sanja Gržetić Head of Corporate Communications and Marketing
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