Do you have clients that send out newsletters?

MailPlus, founded in 2004, is the number one ESP (Email Service Provider) in the Netherlands. MailPlus is an award winning solution that enables companies to send out their online communication, such as newsletters, easily and professionally.

MailPlus is currently being used by over 2.500 companies, including leading (r)etailers, banks, insurance companies, goverments, police departments etc.

Traditionally, MailPlus has always been offered to end-users through it’s re-selling partner network. In the Netherlands alone there are over 150 re-selling MailPlus partners. MailPlus focuses its self on what they do best – offering a user-friendly tool that enables companies to send out newsletters.

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MailPlus re-selling partners

Our mission

is to maintain the leading position as a locally present Email Service Provider. This we can’t do alone.
Therefore we are currently selecting re-selling partners that will support us in our mission and that want to be part of our success.

What is in it for re-selling partners?

  • Get started right away and offer a leading and award winning email marketing solution, without having to invest in software – or product development
  • Receive free of charge product & sales trainings
  • Receive localized contract templates to be used between your company and your end users
  • Expand your service portfolio, enabling yourself to deepen relationships with current clients and open the way for more future accounts:
  • Generate recurring revenues from sales of product licenses and email credits
  • Attractive re-selling conditions
Join us to become a re-selling partner today!